The Genesis Book Series™   The Mathematical Proof that God Exists



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The latest in deep space data from the most advanced astrophysicists and the institutions with the most recent geological, biological, and astronomical discoveries are now in complete agreement.

The first chapter found in the ancient Hebrew Bible ... is the most important record in the entire scientific universe.

FIRST GENESIS ...COMPLETE™ is the combined three-volume book that anchors the New Genesis Book Series™ available at Amazon/FirstGenesis that fully describes all of the latest scientific proofs, along with the exact truthfulness found in every verse and in every portion of the ancient record called Genesis Chapter One (also known as the Creation story of the universe).

Using etymological breakdowns for each word from the original Semitic languages in the First Genesis™ record, along with comparative analyses from over 1000 hyperlinked references (from global academic internet resources from technical institutions such as NASA, JPL, ESA, and many other accredited scientific sources), the authors have announced that Genesis chapter one is the first perfectly accurate scientific document that was ever written ... and that it was recorded by ancient Proto-Hebrew scribes more than three millennia ago.

All these books combine to prove that an intelligent 'unseen' force has existed in this universe ... since the beginning of everything.

Three individual volumes from the series contain the entire Genesis Timeline™ including thousands of hyperlinked scientific references, and all the charts, pictures, figures, mathematical computations, formulations, and figured diagrams to prove it true. They are specific and at times complex like any scientific treatise. However, the authors have made a concerted effort to make all the data as comprehensible as possible to the layman, including multiple book offerings varied to the reader's abilities, as well as providing contact information for any statements too vague or difficult to understand.

The New Genesis Book Series™ creates a new platform that takes subjects from the largest book, First Genesis …Complete, and portions them into 13 smaller books on the various subjects on the Creation. Just click on the internet link below (and then click on any of the First Genesis book covers to see a sample any of all the details inside of each book) in order to select a subject that you wish to learn about. Prices range from $1.99 to $49.99.

These are the new books that will radically change the ways in which you view your expanding cosmos. They are the most comprehensive books ever written on the timeline for every sequential event occurring in the formation of the universe. From "Let there be light" to "and it was good" ... no other books in history have spelled out the creation like these do.